Rotten Borough

Rotten Borough
A corpse with a £60 cheque: a criminal with a multi-million pound fraud; an auditor with too many questions. Caleb, ex-solider and the town hall's newest internal auditor, has too many questions and no tolerance for people who won’t answer them. Why did the dead man have someone else’s cheque? Why had the police sent a washed-out drunk to solve the murder? How could one criminal hold so much sway over one corner of London? Was it all linked to dodgy deals being struck at the town hall? And why were so many people telling Caleb to stop asking questions? Relationship incompetent, but irresistibly charming Caleb, just wants to see justice served and stop the rot. If only he’d chucked the cheque in the bin in the first place maybe his life wouldn’t be in danger, maybe they wouldn’t be out to sack him, maybe his girlfriend would still want him and maybe, just maybe, he’d have more than his dog Benji to count as a friend. Set in London this financial thriller finds an auditor running his own private investigation to solve a murder and untangle a web of conspiracy in the Town Hall.
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