Work in Progress

I aim to have two more exciting tells about Caleb out soon.

Repent at Leisure

Small business can be murder

Caleb, ex-solider now high street accountant, has a business with few paying customers.

When Angela, a spoilt rich girl, wants help to stop her gold-digging step mother getting more shares in the family firm, Caleb wants to tell her where to go.  But he’s despite for cash, and she does cry, and a gentleman has to help a damsel in distress.

But someone is happy to use threats, violence, kidnapping and even murder to make sure that the new shares are offered.

Can Caleb keep Angela safe and find out who’s responsible?

Caleb’s friend Sam is a magnet for trouble. Homeless and unwell Sam needs a place to rest.  But rest isn’t something that suits Sam.

Can Caleb help Sam stay the right side of the law?

Even Benji, Caleb’s dog, can see there’s no bone at the bottom of this hole.

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Plumb Bob

Plum Bob – straight, honest, murderer?

Caleb, ex-solider and high street accountant, doesn’t have normal customers.  They have a habit of getting caught up in murders and mishaps.

What should have been a routine audit investigation to find some missing stores starts to smell fishy when the client is a murder witness, and Caleb’s other client is the suspect.  The police warn Caleb to keep his nose out of it.  But when you’re onto the truth aren’t you duty bound to keep going?

And it’s no better at home.  It was just a simple house sitting task, with his mate Sam, for his girlfriend’s family, until they were burgled. The police are convinced that it was an inside job; either Caleb, or Sam, let them.

Caleb sets out maintain his innocence and to prove Sam’s too. Sam’s innocence gets hard to prove when he asks Caleb to ride shotgun for a money laundering scheme. Caleb knows what Sam is like and hopes it will end better than usual.

Even Benji, Caleb’s dog, can smell a rat.


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